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1. Wozglas
2. Dziewiatyj czas
3. Wieczernia
4. Powieczerje
5. Polunosznica
6. Utrenia
7. Pierwyj czas
8. Tretij czas
9. Szestoj czas
10. Liturgiya


Format: DeLuxe Digibook CD
Record company: Hammer of Damnation
Style: Black Metal
Similar Artists: Hermh, Cult of Fire, Mgła


Hammer Of Damnation launches exclusively in South America the new Batushka album, in Digibook CD hardcover format, booklet insert of 24 pages and finishing in matte lamination. This is by far one of the most luxurious launches ever made in Brazil, maintaining the already known ISO666 quality standard! In 500 copies!

Weight 0.120 kg
Dimensions × × 20 20 3 cm