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4 years after the debut album “We Will Piss on Your Grave”, tombs are violated in the name of satanic lust, marking the bloody return of the “veterans” of Antichrist Hooligans !!!

For those who still don't know the band, it is made up of members of the old national guard: NECROBUTCHER, OSCULUM OBSCENUM, SODAMNED are just some of the big names to mention.
“Nuklearwitch” brings 11 minutes of the most (im) pure, violent, satanic, blasphemous Speed ​​Thrash Metal / Punk, a real tribute to the old school of the XNUMXs !! The Brazilian response to the masters Destruction, Exorcist, Sodom… a real blow to the most sensitive ears !!!

This launch was pressed in Europe, thus guaranteeing our unique ISO666 quality standard!
Limited to 300 hand numbered copies!

Weight 0.260 kg
Dimensions × × 20 20 3 cm